Friday, March 11, 2011

NBA 2k12 My Player: Hopes and Expectations

                      Why just My Player? Personally I think this is the best mode to have ever hit a video game based on sports. I have played the other modes but this one, by a mile, is my favorite of them all.

Don't get me wrong, I'm already very pleased with the improvement in MP from 2k10 - 2k11. The graphics improved, trading has been added, post conference, attribute limit, and the visit to the White House. Let's tackle each aspect.

Improved graphics: 
Graphics greatly improved since the transition of 2k10 up to 2k11. It is much smoother, more flow in the movements, and very life like movement wise, but as always, there have been flaws.
I've gone through the game for about 6 seasons so far (crazy right?), and there have been events where I just go, WTF!? There are situations for example when you guard someone really tight and as you time your block with his shot, the ball just goes through your hand! WTF!? Also, the animation of the dunk, no matter how awesome it is, has been a problem of mine in the defensive end. Once the guy goes for a dunk (as long as he's about 6'5), it's pretty much over, even with a 99 block. I'm just complaining, it isn't really that big a deal. Just gets me frustrated sometimes when I really want to go block someone and end up getting embarrassed instead. Also, I hate it when players go through me. It happens a lot especially when the "timeout animation" occurs. The high fives just fail and instead of patting their butts, my hand goes through. Which by the way is kind of disturbing.

I don't really use it much. I'm not the type where I'd want a trade to a better team. I'd want the worst team possible for me to get my stats up and not worry about teammates complaining with my production. I've tried the trade a few times though. I was in the Clippers and we were on top of the conference and i requested a trade to the interested team but ended up going to Pistons, who by the way had the worst record. Fortunately I got traded to the Warriors who had good talent. This happened to me a lot. Lakers wanted me but the organization wasn't able to make a deal. Through all this, I only had 60 overall. I wasn't that important, not yet.

Post Conference:
This part is pretty much useless. I memorized the best answer to any question and still our chemistry was at 2%. I have established my role in the team so it didn't really matter. I got the ball whenever I wanted. The only important part for me (for a while), was the league wide popularity. Where I can get product endorsements, and awesome billboards. It was all short-lived though. If I'm not mistaken, there were only 5 endorsements throughout the mode. The last one was the second billboard. I was expecting some Gatorade endorsements and all but maybe that was just too much to ask.

Attribute limit:
You probably noticed your skills being limited to a certain point. This is so annoying since there is no way to improve more and more each year. The only way to break the limit is to wear some shoe for the improvement of a certain skill. I wish the limit breaks whenever a year goes by or something. It's going to be a 99 skill but it's going to have to be earned. I have 800k skill points in stack and it just hurts my achy breaky heart each time I look at it. Yes, I'm a pretty experienced player but I can't have space to improve except for reading plays and strategies to break my stats every year.

White House:
This trip was awesome at first glance but as it progresses, it becomes lame in a second. I must give them props for having a great Obama animation though but other than that, lame.

I expect 2k12 MP to have more endorsements and not just Jordan Brands, to give a little more excitement to the mode. Also, the most important improvement in my liking would be the customization of the character. Please add more hairstyles, tats, uniforms, maybe a little multi-colored sleeve. I'd also like to have the option to update the roster even while I'm in the middle of the season. Star players in particular are making moves in an alarming rate so the option to update the roster, as a fan, would be cool to have Even with all of this though, I'd play MP no matter what. I just love the freakin' game mode so much.

2k guys did it. They are no doubt the best at making a basketball game. I hope they keep the excitement coming.

What do you want 2k to have in MP? Email me your ideas and I shall post the top ideas I like best.
Happy gaming guys!

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