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AC Brotherhood (Multiplayer) Advanced Manhunt Tips

               This is my favorite multiplayer mode. As i said in my previous post, not only 'cause identifying your target or pursuer is easier but also because teamwork plays a major role in the team's success. Even if you are outnumbered. Even if there's 4 of you and you get separate targets just 'cause you want to show that you are the best in your group, you will easily be beaten by a well organized group of a 3 membered group. A good target can always stun a single pursuer given that the pursuer is only an average player. So again I say, teamwork, both as targets or as pursuers, is essential to success.

my suggested abilities: templar vision and charge
This is my starting set up since I prefer hunting really quick. Templar vision is effective when executed properly. Use it where your target doesn't see you, or when you are on high ground to prevent the smoke stun attack. If your target is hiding near a hay bale what are you going to do? While nearing your target get inside the hay bale, use your templar vision and as soon as you feel like your templar vision is already done, go out and surprise your "blended" target.  If he/she is close enough then hidden kill for an extra 200 points! Why not firecrackers? Well, if i was the target and my screen goes white, I'd get my ass out of the area as soon as i can. So it requires quick targeting skills. Also, the firecracker's smoke is somewhat in the way of locking-on to your target. Exceptions, firecrackers work perfectly against groups that stay together.

Don't run while pursuing your target? Here's an exception. If you are not quite experienced with the compass yet, be wary of running. It will be costly to making an incognito kill. You don't want your scores to be 100 everytime right? Advanced players know where there targets are. They know that before they reach the corner they'll see their target and thus slow down, not compromising the stealth meter. Be very aggressive playing the pursuer. constantly check other targets so you'll avoid being stunned unexpectedly by simply switching targets. As much as possible, stay high to avoid smoke bombs, charges, mute. However, knives can be thrown, but that's only if they see you. If you are on the high ground always go for the acrobatic kill as much as you can for an extra 100 point acrobatic kill. Remember, teamwork. Good teams stay together so pursuers should also stay together to avoid multi stunning embarrassment.

Scenario: 3 of your targets are on the same area, and there are only 2 of you.
Use templar vision, remember where the blue targets are. Lock-on to one of the identified targets and let your teammate lock on to it, while you take out the next target. But wait, how about the other one? Here's how, firecracker is a must in these situations. Time perfectly when your teammate goes for the kill, throw the firecrackers and quickly kill your locked target. When executed well, the last target will be blinded preventing him from stunning, thus an easy kill. Flaw to this strategy is if your targets are on to you. If you have been locked-on by your target he can stun you even if he's blinded as long as you are in stunning range.

Make sure that when you are on the ground, be close to walls.

Scenario: 1 on 1. When nearing your target and you know he's just waiting to charge for an easy stun, be ready to wall climb anytime. Lock on to your target, you are close, suddenly he charges! Wall climb as quickly as you can. If you're lucky enough to grab on to a ledge then its going to be an acrobatic kill! Alright! Don't worry if you lose sight of your target. As long as you're locked in and he is close, he's done for.

Poison tip? I don't have any 'cause I don't use poison often in manhunt, simply because others intercept the poison kill. But usually, the easiest way to poison is when your target stuns your teammate and you are just nearby. As your target stuns, poison him quickly. Works everytime.

Keep posted for more tips. Shall update this when I have the time.
Happy gaming!
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