Saturday, March 5, 2011

AC Brotherhood (Multiplayer)

Okay, I know it's a late review but a review none the less right?

AC Brotherhood is an action packed game based on the story of Desmond Miles whose past is so important for the safety of the future. Apparently there's a machine that you get yourself into to access your past. Unfortunately for Desmond he is part of Adam's bloodline. Adam who you say? Adam from the story Adam and Eve. That's right, and this story just gets even weirder and weirder but i won't go into details with that. That's all you need to know if you haven't played this awesome series yet.

Let's get down to business. I'm here to talk about the basic multiplayer modes of the game.
Like every other multiplayer experience you start off at the lobby, waiting for other players to join in depending on what type of mode you choose.

8 Players for:
Wanted, which is played by random people having contracts to kill each other, the higher you are on the rankings the more assassins will be after you. Advanced Wanted, similar to wanted but locating your target would be more difficult and tasking. Manhunt, this is a group battle in which 4 members per team will NOT kill each other but take turns in killing each other. There will be 2 rounds and in each round 1 team will be the hunter and the other the hunted. Chest Capture, yes it is the so called capture the flag but with a little twist. This is the more complicated mode because like manhunt you will be divided into 2 groups and 2 rounds. In a round one shall protect the "chest" by assassinating the chest captors, the other one shall capture the chest and thus while locating the chest you better have your A game 'cause the other team is now watching over it. In order for the chest captors to steal a chest they should stand inside the circle surrounding the chest. The bar will fill up and if its fully highlighted voila! Success! You got the chest for 150 points! There are 3 chests every batch and every chest you catch gives you more points in that certain batch. And you get points based on how many players were in the circle. 1st and 2nd captured are worth 150 to each player capture (2 players get 150 each = 300). Last chest which is the 3rd in each set is worth 400 per player capture. The most effective thing to do when you're going to be a chest captor is to capture the chests together for optimum points and for defensive purposes. The key for the other team, protect the chest as a group.
6 Players for:
Alliance, 3 groups with 2 members each. Each group is given a contract to kill another group while group2 shall have a contract to kill your group. Finally, Advanced Alliance, similar to alliance but it is more difficult to locate your targets.

Once the mode has been chosen, you shall have the option to choose which character you would like to be, again depending on the game mode. If it's a group mode then 1 group shall have the same character skin (manhunt, alliance, chest capture).
Next would be selecting your profile settings which contains abilities that you unlocked in the process of leveling up. Things such as perks, abilities, bonuses will be available depending on what level you are on. certain perks, abilities and bonuses will only be unlocked by accomplishing certain challenges, and they aren't called challenges for nothing. Here are some of the abilities from strategywiki's_Creed:_Brotherhood/Abilities,_perks,_bonuses

Now, it's GAME ON!!!
Game shall be decided in point system either as a team or as an individual.

My personal favorite mode you say? It has got to be Manhunt since it is easier to locate your target and to escape from your target 'cause each group has only 1 designated character skin. But the real reason that I love this mode so much is because of the simple type of teamwork needed to win. It's not necessary to have microphones and all but just show your teammates your effort in helping the team achieve the win. If you want to level up faster without boosting, this mode is perfect. Get in a good team and just watch how they move so you can help out. The simplest smoke bomb can really make a huge difference.

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Happy Gaming!

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