Sunday, April 17, 2011

Michael Jackson the Experience (my experience)

As an above average Michael Jackson fan I am so happy that this game finally came out on the xbox. This is truly a treat for the MJ fans out there. Being able to hear his top hits. Dance to it, sing to it, sing and dance to it! It's simply awesome.

Me and my girlfriend actually tried this out before it was released at Best Buy. Even before trying it out we were like "we should get this game". After trying it out we were like "let's pre-order later". It was amazing how it was showcased on the kinect. You can see your entire body including your face and you get a couple of back up dancers while dancing to the song. So it's as if you're a star with back up dancers. I'm actually not sure about seeing yourself  other than with the xbox, but whatever, it's MJ!!!

This game is really enjoyable when there's at least two of you playing together. Solo mode? I don't really dig it. Unless if there was going to be a contest of some sort in which I had to practice and all. Anyways, this is a totally fun family game. Bring your dad, your mom, your little sister, brother, heck get your neighbors. I'm sure it would be so awesome during parties especially when alcohol is introduced.

Modes include, solo, party, and there's also a tutorial. You can play up to 4 players either battle or cooperative. So yeah, you can have your enemies over to your place as well.

All in all I'd recommend this game to people who host parties and to those who have people in their place often. Very enjoyable indeed, and who doesn't want to do a bunch of MJ dance moves? Trust me, you don't have to be a dancer to play this game. You'll have fun either way. Enjoy!

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