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NBA 2k11 My Player Madness

                  I was so excited to play the new My Player when I first got the game. It's what I play for like 80% of the time in NBA 2k11. Do they have new hairstyles for MP? Do they have new featured accessories? I couldn't wait! When I got to The MP creation I was disappointed by the fact that every body edit was the same, hair, eyes, nose, everything that has to do with the physical body was basically the same with 2k10, even the tats! Oh well... I still liked the creation part though thanks to the manual facial editing system (whatever that's called). However, there were improvements in the accessory settings a little bit, i repeat, a little bit. Anyways, i was too excited to start my 1st game.

I knew I'd suck the 1st time but dang, i got too much turnovers that even I didn't want to hold the ball anymore. Apparently, the AI is a lot quicker in their reaction time against your passes. They intercept, tip your pass left and right. Scoring is much more difficult since you still suck at shooting and your speed and quickness is very poor to beat your guy off the dribble. I figured out that the easiest way to score would be upgrading my midrange shot and shoot it from a post up position. That worked like a charm. As I progress through my 4th game I tried something different. When on defense I try running to the opposite end of the court whenever the opponent shot it, and to my amazement, the defensive player assigned to me just waited for the rebound and I was open for a fastbreak layup. I did this over and over and got 60 points in that game! No prolific rebounds or assists stat but building up the teammate grade meter with points is the fastest way to go. Don't get me wrong. I play terrific D, except for the final part where you get the rebound, 'cause once that ball is up in the air, I run as fast as i could to the other end for an uncontested layup (long passes worked like magic, never had problems until I downloaded the patch). I also applied my skills in stealing just by reading plays and intercepting passes which gave me about 4 steals a game. So i sailed through my career doing this averaging 66 points per game in my 1st regular season. Won MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, All-star MVP. What a successful 1st season right?

I knew the playofffs was just around the corner and it didn't worry me one bit, and that confidence carried on giving me no problems whatsoever. The finals game against the Magic was a little different though, it was a little harder 'cause i accidentally created a 99 player and added him to the magic roster. This guy was a pain in the ass but fortunately he wasn't the "attack the basket every possession" type of player. And before I knew it, we became the NBA champs! Guess what, we go to the White House!!! By the way, I was playing with the Golden State Warriors which was kind of ideal for my trick to work since David Lee was my main rebounder and he passes quite well for his size.

As I play through the next season, I developed certain strategies to rack up my stats. Especially when the patch came, the long passes from David Lee never seemed to work anymore. I never get to catch it even with 85 handles, or if I catch it, it wouldn't be a perfect catch wherein I just end up turning the ball over. Not to mention, the transition defense became tighter so even if I caught the ball properly there was a 90% chance of having a body on me before i gather for my layup.

Here's my final strategy for MP giving me an average of 100pts, 15 reb, 12 stls in an 8min game.

Offense: Proceed to the weak side of the floor (where less players hang out) behind the 3 pt line, maybe a good 5 feet away from the ball handler. Call for a pick (this is an off-ball play). Go towards the pick and be sure to get your defender stuck to your screener and once your defender is in the animation of fighting through the pick simply move back your starting point and attack the basket and ask for a pass before you touch the painted area. If executed perfectly will get you an easy bucket. It works everytime and will take about 3 seconds which gives you more opportunities to do this. Imagine a perfect offensive play that only takes 3 seconds. I know right? Here's the play i poorly drew. 

The flaw to this offense is if your screener rolls (goes toward the basket), and if a player from the strong side suddenly moves to the weak side providing an extra defender to intercept the pass. Other than that you're good.

Defense: So much steals? It's easy! Other than reading the plays of the opposing offense, here's another trick. as the inbounder gets ready, stand in front of the receiver usually the PG, he will wait a little bit and pass it to the another player usually the SG. Here's the key, timing is everything. By the time you notice that he won't be passing to the PG, quickly move in front of the SG and steal. Don't do it too early or too late. There is only a very small margin for error. This works maybe 10% of the time. Not much? Well, you'll be doing this for the entire game so if you're lucky you'll probably get 20 steals. Awesome!

Thanks for reading guys! Happy gaming!
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