Monday, March 7, 2011

AC Brotherhood (Multiplayer) Advanced Manhunt Tips (Being the Hunted)

My preferred round is to be the target.
Here are the reasons why:
1. I find it more satisfying to stun someone rather than kill for total humiliation and to piss people off.
2. I like how my pursuers have a hard time of finding me when I'm just there beside them.
3. So many profile combinations to use than others expect.
4. Pursuers think that they have the upper hand in this certain round, I'd like to prove them otherwise.
5. Lastly, being the defender or target is totally underrated.

If you think that you are at a disadvantage against your pursuer then clearly you haven't discovered the true art of being a target. Most of the time this is the most critical round of the session. In my experience, if you defend well, there's no way in hell your opponents could kill you or outscore you. So as long as you defend well, your group will win.

Walk like an NPC. I'ts too hard to mimic!!! Not! just stay with a walking group and let go of the left analog stick. Never ever get left behind. And be in the middle of the walking group as much as possible since you can't be in front unless you control your movements manually. I don't want to waste your time about these things since your already advanced and you already know the tendencies of the NPC. Just be observant, study their walking paths and patterns. How NPCs move from walking to joining a group.

How do you know when your pursuers are near? I used to think that I'm so good at identifying my pursuers 'cause I get the voices in my head when I play. Actually it's just part of the game. The whispers are true guys, and yep, you're not crazy. So increase your television volume a bit and find the right time to talk to your teammates. This is a very critical habit to develop and can be applied in every mode of multiplayer. If you hear whispers during single player, well that's just residual effect of playing the multiplayer mode too much. If this persists, you are going crazy.

Basic ability setting either for advanced or less advanced players is smoke bomb, and that's it! Any other ability will do as long as you have a smoke bomb, preferably the long lasting one to stun a couple of pursuers in close proximity. My preferred ability setting though is the long lasting smoke bomb, and power mute. Why power mute? Usually when two of my pursuers are close enough to be stuck in my smoke bomb and they already know which persona I am, I use my mute to set up a perfect smoke bomb since the strong mute covers so much area. Flaws of this setting is that if your pursuer charges at you, there's no way of muting and you will most likely be a goner.

The other good combination for a smoke bomb is the charge ability. It's the best way to stun a single pursuer on ground simply because you can just run up to your pursuer and don't have to worry about being spotted. This would be the better ability setting for less experienced players. Only flaw is if your pursuer is carrying a throwing knife or a smoke bomb then oops, you got served.

My other suggested combination for maybe the later part of the round would be the disguise ability (preferably the strong disguise) and the smoke bomb. Why not the start? At the start, your opponents should not have used any abilities yet, and most of them have templar vision which can see through your disguise which pretty much renders it useless. In the later part of the game some of their templar visions are cooling down and gives the disguise a much higher chance of success.

Why not use morph? Well, morph has too many flaws. The charge ability neglects you being blended. So even if there's ten of your persona in one group and your pursuer charges that group, you will be screwed. Templar vision and firecrackers also renders the morph ability useless. My advise is to just find an area with your persona nearby (preferably in the same group as you).

But what is the best combination? Teamwork! As you've probably noticed in some of your sessions, you can stun another pursuer before he gets up as long as you weren't the one who stunned him. If your teammate knows this then you're in luck. You can just switch up and stun 2 opponents forever without using any smoke bombs. I don't advise locking on to your pursuers especially in this particular trick. Sometimes there are instances where L1 (lock - unlock button) doesn't work so well. So while you stunned your locked target, you can never stun another target if you haven't unlocked your previous target. And why would you lock on when you can only stun abstergo agents? You can practically just keep tapping the circle button if you aren't sure of the timing when your target is in the process of getting up. But again there's an exception. The only time I lock on my target is if I notice him having used the ability disguise. Other than that, I just use it if I'm sure no other pursuer is around the perimeter.

These are the abilities I usually use in this mode and I'm sure a lot of you have different combinations and techniques so please message me your suggestions and I will post them if I like them.

P.S. Stunning is awesome but it doesn't work like the assassination button. The assassination button has the advantage of the stunning button if pressed at the same time. Only way to counter the assassination is to time it with throwing the smoke bomb. And throwing the smoke bomb should be done before your pursuer even presses square (assassination button). Otherwise, it's the connection problem.

Email your suggestions and criticisms. They will be much appreciated.
Thank you for reading and Happy gaming!

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